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IAPTC Membership

The following is a list of organizations and institutions that have participated in IAPTC meetings to date.


Membership in the IAPTC is open to individuals, agencies and organizations engaged in peacekeeping research, education and training. Those participating in the annual conference shall be considered the current membership for the IAPTC.

Participation in an IAPTC annual conference is intended to include management or staff from organizations with a responsibility for the education and training of individuals or groups preparing for peace, crisis response or humanitarian operations – military, police, civilian, joint or academic; or are engaged in research activity related to such education and training; or, hold positions of responsibility for such education, training and research in government, international and regional organizations, UN Agencies, or in NGOs with a demonstrated interest in peacekeeping training.

The IAPTC Mailing List, which is maintained by the Secretariat, will comprise those organizations and individuals that participated in the previous TWO annual conferences.